Saturday, August 21, 2010

The saga begins....

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Maggie, thank you so much for setting up this new blog for us. What a great place to hang out with fellow Immersion Class members.

So here's my tidbit for the day. I have been deep editing using Margie Lawson's techniques and realized, I really have to go back and create a scene by scene story board. I hear ya (I'm groaning right along with all you non-plotters) but this is not so much about plotting as it is about helping me re-arrange my chapters for the greatest effect. The book is pretty well done (375 degrees, bottom rack, loosely cover with foil..not saran wrap. Yes, in my early cooking days, I did that once). But I digress - this scene outline (which some of the Emergineers have already developed) is integral, I mean absolutely essential to my editing.
So, I am in my study, my version of cappuccino/latte by my side, kitchen timer (courtesy of Margie Lawson) at hand, and a table in WORD started that outlines all my scenes in detail - POV, setting, theme, etc etc.  I'm calling it my story board - I'll let you know how it goes.

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