Sunday, August 15, 2010

Margie Lawson's Master Immersion Class

I have been on a mountain top (8888 feet to be exact) in Colorado, since Thursday afternoon, attending Margie Lawson's Master Immersion Class. If you're an aspiring novelist or heck even if you've got a couple of books under your belt, and you're wondering how so-and-so has made it to the NYT bestselling list (and you haven't), this might be the class for you.
It definitely is for me! I have learned about giving my writing more emotional punch, racking up the tension, making every page score high on that "who cares" scale - and I thought I knew how to do this!!!. Will I write the absolute piece de resistance? I hope. Will The Druid Came Calling become bigger (in terms of big story), better (emotion, tension, page turner), and make you care? I really think so.

This is a must-do class if you've reached the point where you think you've written the best you can. It's amazing what Margie will pull out of you. Besides, the tools she gives you to edit your own work? Every one of them is coming along with me on the long journey.

Kudos, Margie and thank you. 

 Back to deep editing - I have one more day here, yeah!

PS: Did I mention the food? Oh my! can you say gourmet?

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