Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Brain Mush

My brain is shot all to hell. Bad enough that I have to sort through 5 years worth of junk (that I swore I would never again accumulate) before we move to muse won't let me be. There I was, tootling along, writing my urban fantasy. At least I thought it was urban fantasy. Then I began researching the genre more as I discussed this very issue with my writing partner. I back-tracked rapidly to 'paranormal romance'. A little harder to say fast (not quite in the she sells seashells category, however), but still, doable. So there I was, writing, albeit still slowly, my paranormal romance, when Irene Muse, strikes again. Now, I have a romantic suspense series -- dancing the lambada -- in my head. And not one where the main gal has any ordinary profession. Oh no, that's not Irene's way! Its something I have to do ooodles of research on -- OODLES! No, I'm not telling just yet . Hey, I need a blog topic for later.

In course of said research, you know in that strange way things have of cycling back (yeah, I've had the seven karmic reincarnations awaiting me dinned into my brain by Mom), I found these two good articles on urban fantasy and the future (and present) of paranormal romance.

Back to research.


Monday, May 18, 2009

Rahela's story

Have you ever started out on the internet, pursuing one bit of information, then find yourself reading a heart wrenching story about something quite unconnected? I found myself in such a situation earlier today. My feelings were mixed - outrage on behalf of the young woman and her family, thankfulness for my own life and rights, and a weary helplessness that I cannot do more.
Read the story, tell me what you think. Rahela's Story.