Friday, August 27, 2010

Featured Guest Angela Foster

RM: Angela Foster is my featured guest this week. What a gal! You know how you meet someone and they just give off good vibes and you know you can be friends? I met Angela at the IMC worskhop in August, 2010. Somehow, as we all grouped ourselves around the room to work, Angela and I ended up sharing two ends of the same card table and a writing friendship was born. The kind, where as writers, you understand (when a huge sigh gusts your way) that she was just searching for that perfect word; or (when a muttered damn, damn, damn escaped from me) that I had simply found one of those duh! spots in my manuscript and I was wondering how I ever imagined myself a writer. Angela has a great voice. Ladies and Gentlemen, yes, that elusive ‘voice’ thing that they talk about in writing workshops. She’s funny and she’ll make you cry. Her current work in progress is a paranormal romance and I loved her main characters (alas, that’s all I got to read over those 4 days). Watch out for Angela Foster – she’s going to make it big. And when she hits those bestselling lists, come bribe me and I’ll tell you a story about a gal and a wolf. And nope, you’re not getting it out me now! Plus she makes the best coffee in a French Press. Welcome Angela, the floor is yours. 


  1. At 70, it's a bit difficult to titillate me, but dad-gum-it, Angela has succeeded! Her magick, warlocks and witches, and a sexy, macho male warlock, have me mesmerized. I look forward to a new submission each week. Such a pleasure to work with her. Can't wait to see this novel in print.

  2. OMG Usha! Forgot about the wolf.
    You are too sweet and kind. Thank you for inviting me on your blog and for all the wonderful things you wrote about me. I'm printing it out and wallpapering my office with your intro.
    Big Hugs.

  3. Angela -- thank you for an awesome blog post. Hanging with you and the rest of the Emergineers was amazing.

    I'd post more, but was somehow reminded (lalala) that if want results on the page, I'd better quit goofing off on-line and get back to work!