Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Lackluster report on Georgette Heyer

Two posts in day? What can I say - people seem bent on making news (and not great news, either).

NPR ran a story about Gilded Romances Of Dashing Dandies, Brooding Beaus by Helen Simonson. Now anything that even remotely concerns Georgette Heyer arouses my intense curiosity and many times my ire. Read the rather lackluster report which persists in seeing Heyer as a romance author who, by the way – gasp! – also gave us some historical facts.And stand up for not calling reading a romance a damn guilty pleasure!

Heyer, even given her few historical inaccuracies around the Regency period (and who hasn't taken a few liberties in their writing?) and the fact they she wrote primarily romances, remains an incredibly gifted writer who can make me cry and laugh out loud on the same page - and this during the twentieth reading.

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