Sunday, August 8, 2010

Going all e-books

If you've been resisting the various e-book readers on the market (the Kindles, Nooks, etc), this may be the time to start accepting that e-books are here to stay. Dorchester Publishing has announced they will move to only e-books and print on demand starting this Fall. Since I started out in the e-book market, I have a fondness for it. Personally, I love my Kindle but I've heard others rave about the Sony e-reader and the IPad. Happy reading!


  1. I love my Nook and must admit, since getting it at Christmas, I've bought three times more books than my usual extreme reading habit. AND I've read them all. E-readers and treadmills go very well together. :) In terms of trends, even Wall Street is pointing out how fast the digital reading marketplace is impacting traditional publishing.

    Just two years ago, the pundits were saying electronic books MIGHT become 10% of the market in a decade. Now they are saying 25% of the market by 2012. That is both fiction and non-fiction. Personally, I predict 50% of the fiction market by 2012.

    Optimistic? I don't think so. I hope to be able to get any book I want on my Nook soon. First releases too.

  2. Great point Maggie. I wish I could read my Kindle on the treadmill - but alas, I've tried and every time I list to the left and eventually either have to step off or find myself draped over the handlebars trying to catch my balance. Here's to reading your book on my Kindle!