Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Opportunity of a life-time #1

So one of my winning bids on Brenda Novak's Auction for Diabetes Research was a read of my first 3 chapters by Cherry Adair. I thought it would take a while for this to come through, but Ms. Adair emailed me today. She sent a lovely message confirming I had won her critique, and asking how 'honest' I wanted her to be in her critique. She was gracious when I asked for more time (I was in a panic, wanting to go back and search for every darn adverb in my WIP). So stop by again - I'll be updating you on my WIP and critique. I am sure my awesome writing partners will be working double-time with me - so thanks in advance to these wonderful women Vicki Gaia, Phyllis Campbell, Ginger Simpson, and Ciara Gold.

I discovered Ms. Adair is also taking part in the 3-day walk for breast cancer in honor of her mother, Petal, who died of breast cancer.

I know its a tough economy out there, but just think of those people with cancer and no resources. If you are looking for a cause to support, remember every little bit helps in the fight against cancer.

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  1. THis is very exciting! Ms. Adair sounds like a lovely person to be willing to donate her time to such a great cause. And - I know you're looking forward to her invaluable expertise. Kudos to you both.

  2. Oh, how I envy you, Usha. And I agree with Ciara...how generous of Ms. Adair to donate her time to the cause. We need more of her in this world. :) The group has been awesome in helping to hone our work, but there is nothing like a professional opinion to really make the difference. I have an idea...you become a professional and then you can be the one I seek out. Until Hubby finds another job, you'll have to donate your time to me, too. *lol* You know me...I'm like Phyllis, I always have at least five WIPS hanging out.