Friday, June 12, 2009

The Move Part 2

So, we're here in Tempe, AZ. Its hot as Hades. Yes, I was warned. Perhaps the singular event that helped me realize I had made the right decision happened the evening we got to Tempe. Walking from the car to the lobby of the hotel, I took a deep breath and smelled jasmine. Yes, honest to goodness jasmine bushes full of fragrant white flowers lined the drive. That scent, so evocative of summers at home in India. And I knew I could live here!

The drive from Chicago to Tempe, was mainly uneventful. We saw a gazillion cops but none deemed it necessary to stop us (thank goodness). Somewhere in Oklahoma we passed the world's largest rocking chair (now, I ask you....). And in Texas, the world's largest cross and the 72 oz steak. New Mexico was as barren and beautiful as ever. But north eastern Arizona surprised me - we went through 2 national forests - beautiful copper mountains interspersed with green forests - I hadn't expected it to be so mountainous.

For those of you who wondered if I would be in withdrawal from the Chicago restaurants, wits not so bad here.

Next week, we'll be closing on the house, unpacking about a million boxes, and starting new jobs. Stay tuned.


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