Monday, June 1, 2009

My secret addiction

Who knew? Its online auctions! I won’t know what to do with myself now that Brenda Novak’s online auction to support diabetes research is done. Last night was the nail-biting finish. Picture this…Sicily, 1942…oops wrong story. Picture this…introduction to a pretty well-known agent who will review your work. Down to the wire – 50 seconds to go and someone makes a bid which automatically extends the bidding on the item for another 5 minutes. Who made that rule? Ack! What do I do? One the one hand, this would a great opportunity in my writing career (it would also, hopefully, get Irene Muse to stop disappearing), I get to support diabetes research. You can see the choices were all one-sided. So I bid again, muttering that for the sake of my sanity, I would stop it now. I got it! So now, I really, really, really have to get my act together and write. I owe Vicki a review of the rest of her book – Mikela’s Reckoning – a lovely book with a yummy angel hero. And then I really have to find my groove.

The rest of this week is devoted to finishing up packing. Next week (if I have survived the packers) – Digression warning…last time this happened in Salt Lake City, I remember contemplating the ground fondly from my 11th floor balcony; I had to call Pat to help me calm down, which she did with her usual good sense and cheer – so, if I have survived, I will be driving to Phoenix on a brand-spanking-new adventure.

Come back by on June 7th when I will post an interview with Sandy Lender. The first book of her the first book of her Choices trilogy, Choices Meant for Gods, is now available.



  1. Other than reading the same thing twice and thinking I had gone beserk, I loved your post. *lol* I totally identify. I got hooked on ebay a few years back and bought some of the most useless items simply because I couldn't stop myself. I went to ebay.anon and kicked the habit, but I really have to steer clear of the site. Because of my "illness" I didn't even visit Brenda Novak's auction. I just knew personally, I couldn't afford to support the entire diabetic nation, which is what I would have tried to do. It's that need to win that will get you everytime. *smile*

  2. Hmmm, haven't done the auction thing. Got burned my first time with ebay over a set of legos that my son just had to have. Yep, it was a bidding thing and yes we won the high bid but dang if I didn't realize we were bidding in pounds and not dollars. Whaaa. I ended up paying way more than I should have for legos.

    But I applaud your generosity to diabetes research and congrats big time on winning the bid. Now - get to writing!!!