Monday, April 13, 2009

What I am working on now

After almost a year and half's dry spell with no substantive writing done, I am back on track. My muse has returned from extended vacation. The book I am working on now is a contemporary fantasy. Based partly on myths of ancient Ireland, readers get whisked between Chicago, Ireland and a mythical land of elves (located behind a water shield). Riona, who thinks of herself as a garden variety witch, is hardly prepared for the events that follow the fleeting shadow she sees on her porch one night. Cian, top detective and pragmatic crime-solver, is suddenly thrown into a world of witches, renegade elves and other beings he never knew existed. Their paths are destined to cross, but will they find love along with adventure?
Stay tuned for more on this story. Visit my website for contests and other information and to see my back list.

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