Saturday, December 13, 2008

The day before

Welcome to Rayka's Blog. I hope this is place that you will visit often in the days to come. I thought this was a good time to get started with a blog. I've resisted doing this as I was afraid I would run out of things to say, but hey, a writer shouldn't have that problem...yes?
It's the eve of our 18-day trip to India. It's strange to be packing light shirts and linen pants and planning for 95 degree weather over Christmas. Which reminds me, I should be packing these things not writing about them.
Stay tuned for news about our trip, information about upcoming books and contests.


  1. Hi Rayka! I can't wait to hear (or read...) how your trip to India goes. You are such the traveler!


  2. Ooo, I'll second Phyliss' comments. Can't wait to see photos and a detailed report. You go girl!

  3. Oh goodie...another souvenir trip. *lol* Just kidding, although one of my dearest possessions is the purse you sent me. Have a wonderful trip and I'll be tuned in for updates. :)


  4. Very nice blog space! I hope to visit here often.