Tuesday, July 12, 2011


What an amazing week in NYC at the RWA Nationals.
First, I just have to gush - I actually got to talk to Nalini Singh for a few minutes - lovely, gracious woman - and I was so glad to tell her how much I loved her Psy and Guild Hunter books.
After that, I had breakfast with Lori Wilde, to start off my 6 months of mentoring with her, and if that hour is any indication, it's going to be an amazing six months.
Lunch with Laurie London, who was also so gracious with her advice and support, was also another exciting memory.

I have 2 sets of requests for Heart of an Eagle (the book formerly known as Druid) and for Book 1 in my new Amesha Spenta Angel series (Cold Fire).

To all the wonderful authors I met, I will keep in touch, and I hope you will also.
Good luck to you all with your submissions, and thanks for helping to make my first Nationals such a fun time.



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