Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Do you share this chronic condition?

Ugh! I think I have a chronic condition. It's self-diagnosed, mind you, but it's there. The symptoms are as follows:
~unable to concentrate on one story at a time
~a secondary character begins a rain dance in my head wanting his/her story told (usually it's a HE) - tap, tap, bounce, jump, jump, circle - repeat cycle;
~waking up at night with a great line or scene running through my head and thoroughly confused as it which story its for.

Now, I don't yet have a name for this condition. Figured if I was going to have it all my life, may as well think hard and give it a sexy name, eh?

Fellow writers, do you share this condition with me or perhaps some version of it? Post a comment and I will randomly select a winner on friday after 5 PM pacific time for a $10 Amazon gift certificate. Please don't forget to add your email address so I can contact you.



  1. Oh, you're to funny!! I have that very same problem. Here I am, writing like mad on my pirate story, only to have one of my older stories call to me. Sheesh! What's up with that? My pirate is so yummy. Why would I want another hero at this time?

    So tell me, what is the cure?


  2. It isn't all that rare. It's actually called ACID Influx or in medical terms, Acute Character Invasion Disorder. Don't confuse this with Acid reflux, this ailment is caused by the constant INFLUX of potential characters insisting their stories be told. There is no cure at the present time except finding enough space on your disk for a folder to hold all the manuscripts you start. Take two valium and call me in the morning. *lol*

  3. Okay, so I don't have ACID Influx, but instead, I screech to a halt right before the end of my story - my mind goes blank! To solve this medical condition, I either wash my hair, take a hike, do the laundry, watch a marathon of movies, eat copious amounts of carbs...anything to prevent me from writing. Eventually the symptom passes... *grin*

  4. Oh my yes, must be contagious. Are you who I got it from. Ack. I'm working on four wips right now and they all want equal time. Double ack. Between stories to kinda flush one from my mind so I can concentrate on another, I play online solitaire. Oh and that's another addiction.

  5. Oh God...I've become hooked on Farkle on Facebook. It's horrible.